Art of Problem Solving

SDMC enjoys a beneficial relationship with the Art of Problem Solving, Inc., a private company that exploits modern technology to create interactive educational opportunities for avid math students.  The principals of AoPS founded SDMC and have continued to be of invaluable assistance since giving us a visionary start.

AoPS Foundation handles SDMC's financial matters, sparing us the need for an independent financial infrastructure and reducing costs.  The staff at AoPS support SDMC with teaching, and very importantly, provide the content for the SDML's and SDMO, and scoring for the SDMO.

AoPS provides assistance to other math circles around the country, but we in San Diego are very fortunate to benefit from the personal involvement of AoPS staff in our activities.

Richard Rusczyk founded AoPS Inc. in 2003.  Richard is one of the co-authors of the Art of Problem Solving textbooks, author of Art of Problem Solving's Introduction to Algebra and Introduction to Geometry textbooks, one of the co-creators of the Mandelbrot Competition, and the Director of the USA Mathematical Talent Search. He was a participant in National MATHCOUNTS, a three-time participant in the Math Olympiad Summer Program, and a USA Mathematical Olympiad winner (1989). He graduated from Princeton University in 1993, helped inaugurate ESPN's SportsFigures program, and worked as a bond trader for D.E. Shaw & Company for four years. AoPS marks Richard's return to his vocation - educating motivated students.

Dave Patrick joined AoPS in 2004. He earned the sole perfect score on the American High School Mathematics Examination (AHSME) in 1988 and was a USA Mathematical Olympiad winner that year. He also attended the Research Science Institute (RSI) in 1987 and the Math Olympiad Summer Program in 1988, and finished in the top 10 of the Putnam exam in 1991. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 1992 and earned his Ph.D. in mathematics at MIT in 1997. He wrote Art of Problem Solving's Introduction to Counting & Probability textbook.

Naoki Sato joined AoPS in 2005. He won first place in the 1993 Canadian Mathematical Olympiad, and represented Canada at the 1992 and 1993 International Mathematical Olympiads, winning a bronze and silver medal, respectively. He has also served as deputy leader for the Canadian IMO team in 1997 and 2002. Naoki earned a Bachelor's in mathematics at the University of Toronto, and a Master's in mathematics at Yale University. He is originally from Toronto, Canada.

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