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STEM Sunday

STEM Sunday is an effort aiming to complement our core math program (mostly Saturday mornings) with a sampling of experiences in the broader realms of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Unlike our Saturday morning math program, STEM Sunday is not organized in parallel streams distinguished as ability groups; usually there will be a single activity addressing a particular STEM topic.  The level of that activity will be determined by the week's instructor and may vary from one week to the next.  Usually, we will try to make the topics of a sufficiently general nature that students from a spread of grade levels can benefit.

We set this program for Sunday afternoons to avoid conflict with our core math program on Saturday mornings, making it possible for students who wish to participate in both activities to do so.

STEM Sunday is a relatively new and flexible program.  As with the rest of SDMC's activities, there is no cost to participate.  At this time, we do not require that STEM Sunday participants be full, regular SDMC members; until space constraints require that we impose limitations, non-members may attend.  However, it IS necessary that every student who participates in an ongoing manner must be accounted for in our participant and contact list and the parent of every such student must complete a waiver form.  This can be handled on site.

Location:      Applied Physics and Mathematics Building, Room(s) B402A and/or B412 (basement)
Date:            Sundays (check the SDMC Master Calendar for specific schedule of topics)
Time:            1:30pm - 3:30pm

The topics and levels of STEM Sunday activities will generally vary from week to week.  However, here in the Fall of 2015, there is a plan to interleave two series of sessions on specific topics:

Computer Science, led by Sue Young

The Physics of Gravity, led by David W. Brown

For information about these two series, please see their respective pages.