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The Physics of Light

This is a series of five classes on the physics of light, targeted at advanced middle school and early high school students.  Some grounding in physical science is recommended, though a full course of high school physics is not expected.  There will be math cutting across all high school subjects, but a solid understanding of algebra and a little trigonometry are the main requirements.  Students will be introduced to some ideas from calculus at certain points, but these will not be crucial to progress and overall understanding.

The topics for the sequence are:

1.    History and Geometrical Optics
2.    Waves and Electromagnetism (Wave Theory vs. Corpuscular Theory, Maxwell's Equations)
3.    Physical Optics (Interference and Diffraction)
4.    Photons (Early Quantum Theory and Wave-Particle Duality)
5.    Light in Technology (Electrical Lighting, P-N Junctions, Solar Energy, Lasers)

Classes will be taught by David W. Brown, SDMC Director.