Caltech Harvey Mudd

Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition

Date: Sunday, November 17, 2019

Location: California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California

The Caltech Harvey Mudd Mathematics Competition is a team-based event taking place alternately at the California Institute of Technology and Harvey Mudd College. Teams of six students each engage in a variety of events from mid morning until mid afternoon.

It is intended by CHMMC that most students participate via school-based teams. Thus, if you are interested in CHMMC you should first check with the teachers and fellow students at your school to see if there is a school team open to you before inquiring to SDMC.

Since CHMMC is a "road trip", we will need significant support from parent volunteers to provide transportation and other support of the competition such as proctoring and other needs that may develop. CHMMC is generally a very full day for all of San Diego's participants. It is necessary to leave the San Diego area very early in the morning, and return to San Diego is usually in the mid evening.

SDMC will sponsor one or two teams, depending on interest and the outcome of the lottery. Students do not have to be registered members of SDMC to participate on SDMC's team(s), but if our space fills, priority will be given to SDMC members. SDMC will not charge any fees to participating students, but students should plan to contribute a fair share of the transportation costs so our parent volunteers do not have to bear this entire cost alone.

Signup is informal, but important. Please copy/paste the following template into an email message and enter the expected information:

CHMMC Student Sign-up

SDMC ID Code: (if not an SDMC member, leave blank.)

Student name:

School grade:

School name:

Parent name:

Parent email:

Home phone:

Driver name: (if volunteering to drive)

Number of belted seats available to students: (if volunteering to drive)

Please, send the completed form to the following address:

For more information about CHMMC, including examples of past problems, FAQs, schedule, directions, etc., please visit the CHMMC Website