SDMC's application period for the 2020-2021 season has closed.

Owing to COVID-19 restrictions, SDMC is currently limited to online activities
Please see our page "Virtual SDMC (vSDMC)" for related information.

This triptych shows three stages in the development of a Snapology Origami construction of a regular icosahedron.
The activity was led by Yana Mohanty and David Honda as a recent vSDMC online session for Fermat and Euler students.
The center panel shows the first pentagonal ring as completed at home, following David Honda's example shared via live video.
The left panel shows the extension of that ring to include an equatorial belt of equilateral triangles.
The right panel shows the completion of the full icosahedron with the closure via a final pentagonal ring.
Our thanks to Eleanor Meyer for sharing these snapshots of her project with us.

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The San Diego Math Circle is a consortium of individuals and groups united behind the goal of serving the exceptional educational needs of exceptional mathematics students. SDMC is hosted by the University of California, San Diego, managed by dedicated parent volunteers, and taught by a diverse slate of professionals from the greater San Diego area.

The purpose of SDMC is not only to excel at mathematics, but to develop a broad and deep understanding of how to solve problems. The thought processes developed at the SDMC will help students in any logical endeavor, be it mathematics, science, business, law, etc. Our goal is to teach students how to think creatively and effectively.

SDMC is challenging by design. We believe that students who can solve most of the problems they see are not being challenged enough. We provide hard problems and teach strategies for solving them. In time avid students stretch their problem solving skills while growing in their knowledge of mathematics outside of standard school curricula.

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