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USA Physics Olympiad Semi-Final

USAPhO Semi-Final

Date:   Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The following information will be updated shortly.

Time:        6:00pm - 9:00pm

Location:  UCSD La Jolla Campus
                 Applied Physics and Mathematics Building
                 Room 5829 and/or 7218

Note that the AAPT now requires that this exam be administered on April 11; there is no choice of date.  Owing to space constraints at UCSD, we must administer the exam in the evening, beginning at 6:00pm

Parking is not free anywhere on the UCSD campus during the period of this exam.  Lot P207 (nearest) cannot be used even by permit.  If you must park, we recommend you use Lot P208 and purchase a permit at one of the automats in that lot (small bills or major credit card).

SDMC is authorized by the American Association of Physics Teachers as a higher education site for the US Physics Olympiad. This means that we will be authorized to administer the exam for any San Diego area students who do not have any other way to participate.

This second stage of the US Physics Olympiad sequence is the semi-final exam.  Students must qualify for this competition by obtaining a qualifying score on the F=ma exam in January.  The top 400 to 500 students on the F=ma exam will be invited to take the semi-final.

The semi-final is a free response exam and may require the use of derivatives or simple integration. The exam covers all topics in introductory physics: Mechanics, E&M, Thermodynamics and Fluids, Relativity, Nuclear and Atomic Physics, and Waves and Optics. Part A consists of 4 problems in 90 minutes. Part B consists of 2 problems in 90 minutes.