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US Physics Olympiad F=ma

F = ma Exam

Date: January ??, 2016

Time: 1:30pm - 3:00pm (approximately)

Location: Applied Physics and Mathematics Building, Room B412 (basement), UCSD Campus


SDMC authorized by the American Association of Physics Teachers as a higher education site for the US Physics Olympiad. This means that we will be authorized to administer the exam for any San Diego area students who do not have any other way to participate.

The first stage of the US Physics Olympiad sequence is the "F=ma" exam, a 25 question, 75 minute, multiple choice exam focussed on mechanics.

The cost of the Physics Olympiad exams is greater than that of the corresponding AMC - AIME - USAMO sequence and is charged by AAPT on a per-student basis. At present there are wide uncertainties in the numbers of students who may wish to participate, which translates into wide uncertainties in cost. Students should anticipate that we may need to pass some or all of the per-student cost ($6) on to the students if turnout is large.


Registration is informal, but necessary. Copy/Paste the following template into an email message:

Signing up for: F=ma
SDMC ID Code: (if not an SDMC member, leave blank.)
Student name:
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Please include "F=ma" in the subject line of your signup message and send it to:

Students do not have to register with SDMC to participate in the F=ma competition.