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AMC 10/12 A

AMC 10 A, AMC 12 A

Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The location and scheduling of SDMC's AMC exams are constrained by the fixed schedule of UCSD classes.

This year, our AMC 10A & 12A will be administered in a single session at a single location and at a single time.

There are no alternative session choices available.

Session Details:

Peterson Hall, Room 110; UCSD Main Campus

Arrive:            7:00pm      Receive scantron and complete personal information

Begin Exam:  7:20pm      Late arrivals may be seated but will not receive extended time.

End Exam:     8:35pm     Students must cooperate with the orderly collection of materials.

Exit:                8:50pm

Drop-off / Pick-up note: Students can be dropped off and/or picked up curbside directly in front of the Peterson Hall main lobby doors.

Parking:  Unlike SDMC events on weekends, parking is not free anywhere on campus during the AMC exam period AND Lot P207, frequently used for SDMC activities on weekends, cannot be used at all.  We recommend using Lot P208 immediately west of Lot P207.  There are permit stations in two locations in Lot 208 that accept small bills and major credit cards.  Please allow extra time if intending to park.

Students wishing to take either the AMC 10A or AMC 12A with SDMC should copy/paste the following template into an email message:

Signing up for: AMC 10A or AMC 12A (choose one)
SDMC ID Code: (if not an SDMC member, leave blank.)
Student name:
Student email:
School grade:
School name:
Parent name:
Parent email:
Home phone:
Session preference: NONE

Please include "AMC 10A" or "AMC 12A" in the subject line of your signup message as appropriate and send it to:

You should receive an automated generic confirmation message in reply to your initial signup message sent to this address. Thereafter, please understand that we cannot sustain many threads of correspondence with the many who will participate. Instead, unless you have concerns of an immediacy that cannot wait, please monitor this page for updates and watch for occasional group messages that will be sent to all who have signed up.

SDMC at UCSD is an official "Higher Education Site" for the administration of the AMC 10 and AMC 12. It should be noted that for the purpose of individual recognition and awards, it is generally more favorable for a student to take this exam in his or her school rather than at SDMC if at all possible. We encourage schools to offer these exams on both the A and B dates, as this is the best scenario for student opportunities.

Adult volunteers are needed to support this event as proctors.