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Donate to SDMC

The San Diego Math Circle is wholly dependent upon charitable contributions. We are a California public benefit corporation with 501(c)(3) non-profit status certified by the IRS.

Simple contributions: If you intend to make a contribution directly as an individual, not coordinated with any employer matching program, we can accept your contribution at any time according to the directions provided further below.

Company-matched donations: Most company-matched contributions require some special processing that is often company-specific. If you intend to make such a matched contribution, please contact us first before sending us any check so that we may coordinate appropriately between you, your company, and SDMC.

Donations can be made to SDMC in a number of forms:

  • Direct cash (check) contributions from families of active SDMC students. This is by far the largest and most critical component of our support.

  • Employee match programs. These are programs through which some companies match charitable contributions of their employees.

  • Volunteerism grants. These are similar to matching programs, but provide small grants tied to employees' volunteer service to qualifying organizations.

  • Direct corporate sponsorship. As a 501(c)(3) charity primarily concerned with education, SDMC meets the primary requirements of most corporate giving programs.

  • In kind donations. In kind donations may include items as diverse as software, services, books, calculators, or printer ink and paper.

  • Securities.  SDMC has the ability to accept in-kind donations of securities.  For some donors, this can be a favorable way of transferring gifts of highly-appreciated stock.
  • Vehicle donation.  SDMC can accept vehicles in any condition and convert them into value for our programs (see below).

Cash Donations

Cash donations should be made by check for proper accountability. Donation checks should resemble the following:

Make your check payable to the "San Diego Math Circle"; please do NOT abbreviate the payee as "SDMC" and please do NOT make your check payable to the name of any individual.

If you are a family member of an SDMC student, also PRINT your student's name in the memo field of your check, which will facilitate tracking; including the student's SDMC ID code as well is even better.

Mail your check to:

San Diego Math Circle
P. O. Box 500091
San Diego, CA 92150-0091

You will receive a receipt with our thanks for your donation as it is processed.

Zelle Pay

It is possible to donate cash electronically using Zelle Pay (www.zellepay.com).  SDMC is registered with the Zelle network using the administrative address "director@sdmathcircle.org" as the official recipient.  If a donor's bank is a participant in the Zelle network, direct electronic transfer can be accomplished through that bank's online banking facility.  If not, an unaffiliated donor can utilize the Zelle smartphone app to accomplish transfers independently.  Transfers made this way incur no transaction fees, maximizing the amount actually delivered to SDMC.


It is possible to donate using a major credit card through PayPal (www.paypal.com). You should know that unlike donation by check or electronic transfer, the amount received by SDMC is reduced by roughly 2.5% in fees (3% for American Express). To donate via PayPal, please use the "Donate" button below and follow the prompts. You will have the chance to enter a brief memo to us, which will help us understand and track your donation as it appears in our automated records.

Donate your vehicle!

SDMC is able to accept the donation of your vehicle of any kind (car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, etc.) and in any condition.  SDMC has contracted with the nation's largest vehicle donation servicer (www.careasy.org) to receive such vehicles and deliver the net auction proceeds to SDMC.  If you are interested in considering vehicle donation, please follow the link below.

Jump to SDMC's vehicle donation program.

Note:  At the bottom of the jump page there is a button labeled "Submit Your Donation".  No, you are NOT committing to a donation of your vehicle by clicking the submit button.  You are submitting a contact request, which will be followed up by a representative to discuss your situation with you, whether or not you decide to donate your vehicle.