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Student Safety

Student safety is a high priority for all involved with SDMC.  Our activities in themselves do not expose students to any uncommon hazards and there is nothing uncommonly hazardous about the UCSD campus areas we use; however, as there are common risks everywhere, we highlight some of these here.

Muir Lane.  This is the two-lane road between the P207 parking lot ad the AP&M building.  Everyone coming to or from SDMC must cross Muir Lane and the morning pre-class assembly takes place adjacent to it.  Though quiet most of the time, Muir Lane is a trafficked road in both directions at varying speeds; care must be execised in its vicinity at all times.

Open elevated walkways.  There are several of these around the AP&M building.  All have appropriate railings, but even so, horseplay in such areas should be avoided.

UCSD equipment.  The UCSD Campus is an active workplace.  Most classrooms contain AV equipment and/or electrical connections, and hallways and other common areas may contain miscellaneous equipment, all of which students must refrain from disturbing.

Exploration.  The UCSD campus can be an interesting environment for children to explore, but it is an environment designed for adults.  Parents and students need to understand that students must remain together in approved areas and under adult supervision at all times.

Late drop off / early pick up.  Occasionally a student arrives late or must depart early.  This is fine in principle, but parents must assume the responsibility for escorting their student to or from the class already in session.

Parents - do not instruct your students to meet you at any other place or at any other time than the standard drop-off and pick-up point at the beginning and of any math circle activity.

The demands of student safety place a strong responsibility upon parents to pick students up promptly at the close of any math circle activity.