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Introduction to Chemistry

This series of classes does not aim to replicate a high school chemistry course, but inevitably covers some of the same territory.  Accordingly, students who have had a high school level course in chemistry will find some of the content to be review.  The aim in these classes is to take a "math circle" approach to introductory chemistry, considering select topics where some greater depth and breadth may heighten student comprehension and perhaps "catalyze" a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject.

The subject and approach call for some prerequisites:

  • Students should be in the 8th grade or higher and should have a solid proficiency in 8th grade mathematics at minimum.
  • Some elementary knowledge of physics is helpful (some mechanics, some basic electricity,...), but is not required.
A prior HS chemistry course is not required.  As already noted, students who have already taken chemistry in high school will find the core content to be review.

There will be homework which will be graded and discussed in the next session.
The series will begin in October, but the classes will not generally be on consecutive Sundays; participating students will need to pay attention to the SDMC Master Calendar.

Your instructor for these classes is Mihai Azimioara, a long-time math instructor at SDMC.  Mr. Azimioara received his BS in Chemistry from Caltech and his MA from Harvard.  He has been an Associate Scientist at the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation and is currently the Director of Chemistry at Plexum, Inc.

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