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The United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USA(J)MO)

The USA(J)MO has been "postponed until further notice" by the national AMC organization, due to broad health concerns rooted in the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is no visibility on whether or when there may be a possible revival of the USA(J)MO this year.

Please see AMC's own announcement on the AMC homepage here:

Date: April 14 & April 15, 2020

Time: 9:30AM - 2:00PM

Owing to coronavirus restrictions imposed by the UCSD Mathematics Department, the USA(J)MO will not be held in the Math Department this year.  We do have "back up" planning, but considering that circumstances are in flux pretty much everywhere, we will defer announcing our alternative until we closer to the date and have greater certainty on what conditions will be at that time.

Room April 14: Applied Physics & Mathematics Building (room to be updated)

Room April 15: Applied Physics & Mathematics Building (room to be updated)

The USA(J)MO is an invitation-only competition with admission based on qualifying scores on the AMC 10 or 12 and AIME. Unlike prior tiers of the AMC series, the USA(J)MO is a very challenging proof-based exam in which the "answer" contributes only a small part of one's score.

The USA(J)MO is demanding, with a total exam period of 9 hours spread over two school days. Besides being challenging for the students, the staffing and space demands of the USA(J)MO are sometimes a challenge for a student's school to meet. For such reasons, SDMC in cooperation with UCSD is authorized by the USA(J)MO to provide a centralized administration of the exam for any San Diego area students who qualify, whether they qualfied with SDMC or with an area school. There are no fees for the USA(J)MO, UCSD donates the use of space, and SDMC stages the exam as a community service.

Qualifying USA(J)MO students who wish to participate in SDMC's USA(J)MO session - and their teachers - should contact the SDMC Director so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Unfortunately, the timeline from the announcement of USA(J)MO qualifiers to the actual USAMO exam is quite short, so it is helpful to develop contacts ahead of the actual announcement so that contingent planning can be done, especially arranging for appropriate space.

Students who qualify for the USA(J)MO must file their form S-III, "Student/Parent Response Form" with the national office regardless of where they take the USA(J)MO. Teachers, however, do not have to file any of the forms T-II (acknowledgement) or T-III (certification) if their students take the USA(J)MOwith SDMC; SDMC will handle all of the teacher paperwork from beginning to end on the teachers' behalf. The record of each student who takes the USA(J)MO through SDMC remains identified with his/her home school; SDMC acts only as a facilitator and proctor.