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Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The AMC 8 is a 25-question multiple-choice exam that takes only 40 minutes. The problems are designed to provide an interesting exploratory experience for students in the 6th - 8th grade range; however, there is no lower grade limit. Any student in the 8th grade or below can be a full participant in the AMC 8.

SDMC is permitted to offer the AMC 8 as an official Higher Education Site. SDMC's AMC 8 administration is intended for any San Diego area student who does not otherwise have an opportunity to take the AMC 8. Students do not have to be active participants in SDMC to participate in the AMC 8 with SDMC.

The following strike-out text will soon be updated.
Please re-visit this page at a later date to see full current details.

This year we have only one AMC 8 session - one time, one location.

The location is not one of our familiar locations, so everyone should consult UCSD maps in advance in order to understand how to arrive sharply on time at the right place.

UCSD Campus Map

Our timing is very rigid - we do not have time for anyone to be late and we need students to be prepared to begin sharply on time.  We will need students to arrive prepared to listen sharply to instructions and get immediately to work completing the personal information required on each scantron.  We will begin the exam exactly on time; students who arrive late or unprepared will have to accept the inevitable consequences to their exam opportunity.

DATE            Tuesday, November 15, 2016

LOCATION    Warren Lecture Hall, Room 2005  (first floor)

ARRIVE        Please arrive outside the exam room 

by 6:50pm; if we get the chance to enter the room early, we will do so.

ENTER        All enter the exam room by 7:00pm and sit as directed by event staff; begin work on personal information immediately.

BEGIN        The exam will begin sharply at 7:10pm; late arrivals may be seated, but will not receive extra time.

END            The exam will end sharply at 7:50pm.

EXIT            Students must turn in their answer forms and exit the room by 8:00pm


It is often the case that time is lost to confusion over the handling of backpacks and other personal items brought into the exam room that then must be turned in and picked up at the end of the exam period.  Worse, the pile of backpacks and other materials collected inevitably contains a live cell phone that produces disturbance during the exam.  Please help us to avoid all this unnecessary confusion, delay, and distraction by leaving EVERYTHING at home or with parents except 2-3 sharpened #2 pencils, and perhaps traditional geometry tools (not required).  Everything that is needed by a student during the AMC 8 can fit in a basic pencil case.  Please do not bring ANYTHING more into the exam room, even paper.  Anything more than a pencil case will be required to be left OUTSIDE the exam room, including personal electronics.

Details messaging will be sent directly to every family who has signed up.

Signup is informal, but important. Please copy/paste the following template into an email message and enter the expected information:

AMC 8 Student Sign-up
SDMC ID Code: (if not an SDMC member, leave blank.)
Student name:
School grade:
School name:
Student email:
Parent name:
Parent email:
Home phone:
1st Session preference: (not guaranteed)
2nd Session preference:

Send your signup message to



Parents are warned that parking is not free during the time frame of the AMC 8, and UC parking enforcement is known for being aggressive.

Schools please note: SDMC cannot financially nor logistically support the AMC 8 as an alternative to school-based administrations. We are the provider of last resort in the San Diego region for students without other practical options. We encourage all middle schools to provide the AMC 8 for their own students; costs in space and time, preparation and staffing are minor. If such costs are an issue, support usually can be found within the pool of families whose students wish to participate; it is not uncommon for families to bear the cost directly and for most of the organization to be delegated to parent volunteers. SDMC is happy to advise schools and parents on how to begin offering the AMC 8.