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ARML Power Contest II

ARML Power Contest II, February Round


Date:  February ??, 2016

Time:  11:30am - 12:30pm (approximately

Location: Applied Physics and Mathematics B402A

The ARML Power Contest is a national team-based competition administered locally. It is modelled after the "power round" of the American Regions Mathematics League held in June of each year. In the power round, a team is given a slate of problems designed around a common theme. The problemsare to be solved in Olympiad fashion, meaning that full solutions are to be submitted - not just answers - and those solutions are judged in their entirety, considering qualities such as completeness, clarity, effectiveness of argument, and even elegance as well as the correctness of the final answer.

Teams are not being pre-set; however, it is expected that organization will resemble that of the 2009 ARML teams. Only one set of solutions will be submitted to represent San Diego; if there are sufficient numbers of participants to constitute more than one team, the additional solution sets will be informally judged locally.