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Opening Day

Opening Day

Saturday, September 30, 2017

8:30AM - ~11:00

108 Peterson Hall, UCSD Muir Campus

Opening Day is a major event in the SDMC year, not only because it marks the first day of a new season of experiences for our students, but one of our very few occasions during the year when we have the opportunity to share a variety of information with the SDMC community and especially the parents of our students.

Opening Day will begin with all students and parents together in Peterson Hall for an opening presentation from SDMC. After this opening, students will be dismissed to classes while the parents remain for a broader presentation and continuing discussion.

Though SDMC welcomes inquiries at any time, Opening Day provides a unique opportunity for a broad introduction to SDMC and to participate in discussion of issues of concern to you.

Student classes will end at the standard time of 11:15AM. The parent meeting has no definitive closing time as this depends on vigor of the discussion that ensues. SDMC leaders will remain after the parent meeting to be available for individual questions.