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SDMC is a mission-driven organization; we have no room for discrimination among our students, adults, collaborators, contributors, or sponsors.

SDMC targets an under-served population with unique needs. However, as a minority distinguished by intellectual character rather than by race, gender, ethnicity, or other physical or social attributes, it may not be obvious what the consequences of our mission orientation may be in terms of diversity as commonly conceived.

In fact, however, our focus on intellectual promise and a culture of achievement has evolved a student population and supporting community that is strongly multicultural, geographically diverse, and blind to social class or status.

A casual survey of students on a random day may find heritages rooted in China, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Taiwan, United States, Ukraine, Mexico ... and more.

SDMC does not charge any tuition or fees for our programs, which makes our programs available to students from any economic stratum.

A recent survey found SDMC students to reside in more than 40 zip codes spread from Newport Beach to the Mexican border, and from the San Bernardino Mountains to Imperial. SDMC's geographical reach is greater than any school district in Southern California, and indeed, greater than any California municipality or county, reaching across all or parts of San Diego, Imperial, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.