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Directions to SDMC

From the south:  Take I-5 north, and exit at La Jolla Village Drive.  Proceed west on La Jolla Village Drive, which will bend northward after a mile or so, and change its name to North Torrey Pines Road at an intersection at the SW corner of the UCSD campus.  Proceed north on North Torrey Pines Road a few hundred yards, past La Jolla Shores Drive.  Enter the UCSD campus by turning right onto Muir College drive at the next traffic signal.  A distinctive sign for a residential community called "Backhorse" helps identify this turn.

From the north, take the Genesee Avenue exit and proceed west. Genesee Avenue heads uphill and bends north, changing its name to North Torrey Pines Road and heads away from UCSD.  You must instead turn left at the T-junction at the top of the hill and follow North Torrey Pines Road in a southerly direction.  After a couple of traffic lights and you should see a sign for UCSD Extensions on the left and the distinctive sign for the "Blackhorse" residential community on the right.  Turn left to enter the campus at Muir College Drive.


Weekend parking in unmetered, unreserved spaces is free.  On Saturday mornings, there is usually ample convenient parking available in lot P207; one must avoid the reserved spaces at the southern perimeter of this lot.

Weekday parking is quite different.  There is no free parking anywhere, and parking is strictly enforced.  Moreover, there is no visitor parking in the usual lot P207 during week days; only evenings.  On those few occasions when there is an SDMC activity on a week day or evening, we recommend lot P208 just west of P207; temporary permits must be purchased from the automat adjacent to the lot entrance and clearly displayed.


Classes are usually held in the Applied Physics & Math Building (AP&M) and the Cognitive Sciences Building (CSB). The Peterson Hall is used for larger events.

Click HERE to access UCSD's map page.  The Search feature on this page is quite helpful; inserting any of the strings "AP&M", "CSB", "Peterson", "P207", etc. will help locate the facilities you seek.