Tuesday, Feb 7, 2023

The American Invitational Mathematics Examination I (AIME I)

Date: Tuesday, Feb 7, 2023

Arrive: TBA

Exam: TBA

Location: TBA

The AIME is an invitation-only event, based on students' scores from the AMC 10 or 12 on either the A or the B date in November 2022.

Normally, the administrator of the AMC exam through which a student qualifies for the AIME will also administer the AIME for that student. Thus, in principle, every student who qualifies for the AIME should be able to take the AIME in essentially the same fashion as the AMC 10 or 12.

Students who qualify for the AIME only based on an AMC score from SDMC's February AMC exam should take the AIME with SDMC.

Students who qualify for the AIME based on both an AMC exam in their school and an AMC exam with SDMC can choose, in principle, whether to take the AIME at their school or at SDMC. In principle, there is no advantage to the student in recognition or awards in taking the AIME in one venue or another. We recommend that students take the AIME at their school if they have that option; it will be simpler logistically for the student and will help SDMC avoid over-straining resources.

Sometimes, however, schools find themselves unable to provide the AIME to their students who qualify. Such students are welcome to join the SDMC AIME administration, but AMC requires that the originating (qualifying) school contest manager complete a "Change of Venue" form documenting the transfer. Students and contest managers in this situation should contact the SDMC Director as soon as practicable in order to satisfy AMC's expectations in the best of good faith.