Leonhard EulerThe Euler Group is for students in 7th and 8th grades who have facility with basic algebra at a minimum. Having completed a course in pre-algebra is probably not enough preparation since Euler instructors will use basic algebra routinely without explanation. Some knowledge of geometry is helpful, but it is not presumed that students will have completed a formal course in geometry.

Though we provide these guidelines, SDMC does not assign students to classes. Younger students who meet these academic criteria and who possess the maturity to integrate successfully with older students are wecome to participate in the Euler class.

The Euler class schedule interleaves two tracks: One of these tracks offers a potpurri of classes on a variety of mathematical topics, for which there is no textbook and no homework per se. The other track offers SDMC's only longitudinal sequence of classes on a single subject area, for which there is a textbook and homework may be assigned. These two tracks alternate on the Euler class schedule; students may choose to attend one track or the other, but most students will attend both.

This year's special Euler sequence focuses on "Introduction to Counting and Probability" and will be team-taught by select SDMC student leaders. The textbook may be ordered HERE.

A couple of parent volunteers are needed each week to help supervise the Euler class. Much of the time this assistance consists of simply observing the class, monitoring for any disciplinary coaching that may be need. However, adults are sometimes needed to officiate during activites, and to supervise during the mid-morning break, when students may be outside the classroom. Besides supervision, an important responsability of parent volunteers is to police the classroom at the end of each class session, to be sure the facilities are as clean and orderly as at the outset.

The "Euler Coordinator" is a particular parent volunteer who assists SDMC in these matters.