Math Kangaroo

www.mathkangaroo.orgMath Kangaroo is a locally-administered international math competition with divisions from the first grade through twelfth grade.

SDMC participates in Math Kangaroo as a way of meeting several programmatic needs:

The date of Math Kangaroo falls in March, a time of year when our upper tier students are very busy with math competitions already, but when our younger students have fewer challenge events available to them. Math Kangaroo provides a way to meet this need.

The content of Math Kangaroo is stratified to include age-appropriate challenge for ability levels as low as the first grade. This not only provides opportunity for our youngest SDMC students, but for students too young to participate in SDMC's regular on-site programs.

Math Kangaroo provides an avenue for outreach to the broader community and is administered in a manner that fits that intention. Students/families register directly with Math Kangaroo and submit payments to Math Kangaroo directly, promoting broad, open access and simplifying local organization. There are a number of pubic test centers in San Diego already registering students. SDMC will open to public registration at a later date. There is no advantage or disadvantage to a student based on the site where the student participates.


There is no visibility on when or how we may be able to reschedule, but we do expect to try to do so later in the year. Registered families may receive messaging from the national organization that may not match in detail with local circumstances in San Diego, so please know that we have the contact information that was provided through the registration process and will use this to ramp up planning for a rescheduled Math Kangaroo if and when that becomes possible. Unless and until you hear from us and see updates posted here, there is no news for you about Math Kangaroo 2.0.

Date: Thursday, March 19, 2020

Time: Evening, beginning at or after 6:00pm; see session details below

Location: University of California San Diego, Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall

Session Details: See below

Pick-up / Drop-off: Closest approach is via Engineer Lane; proceed all the way to the dead end.

Parking: There is no free parking anywhere on campus during Math Kangaroo.

If you must park, you must purchase a permit; this can be done through automats in the various parking areas.

Increasingly, the preferred method is to use the ParkMobile smartphone app rather than physical automats.

There is no ready parking near the exam venue; please anticipate parking at some distance and having a significant walk.

UCSD maps:

First floor plan:

Basement plan:

Session Plan - students are grouped by grade level

Session details below will be updated soon.

Session I - Grades 6 and below Multimedia Lab, Room 161, first floor

Arrive: 6:00pm - 6:15pm collect scantron, check personal information, find a seat, prepare to begin exam

Exam: 6:15pm - 7:30pm 75 minutes

Exit: Immediately and quietly - another exam session will still be ongoing.

Session II - Grades 7 - 12 Y C Fung Auditorium, Room 191, first floor

Arrive: 6:15pm - 6:30pm collect scantron, check personal information, find a seat, prepare to begin exam

Exam: 6:30pm - 7:45pm 75 minutes

Exit: Immediately

Math Kangaroo is definitely a "signup event", but signup is in the form of direct registration and payment by the student/family online via the Math Kangaroo website. SDMC does not process any registrations and does not handle any funds.

Registration is restricted to SDMC students until November 15, but then opened to the general public until December 15. It is possible that capacity issues may force an early closure of registration, so acting early is advisable.

The Math Kangaroo website contains a wealth of information more detailed and more authoritative than any we can effectively summarize, so we encourage anyone interested to invest your attention there.

Some of the information provided here will be updated as we proceed through the registration period.