New Students

SDMC's new student application period for the 2023-2024 season has closed.

We will next open to new applications August 1, 2024.

The details below remain for your general information only.

Returning students should proceed according to a separate process HERE and new students should continue as explained below.


Like many other aspects of SDMC, application is a family matter. To assist both students and parents in understanding and completing this process, we provide an updated PowerPoint/PDF presentation "How to Apply" immediately below. We recommend that parents especially take time to review this presentation before beginning.

How to Apply (*.pptx version)

How to Apply (*.pdf version)

In brief, application is based on

all of which are managed through our New Student Application Google Form.  When ready to proceed, click through the following link:

There is no active registration link at this time.

We ask that you be patient and diligent in following directions as closely and completely as possible, as following up on errors and omissions in hundreds of documents is simply impossible.

Thank you!