Augustin Louis Cauchy

The Cauchy group is our uppermost ability group. Though it is fair to say that Cauchy targets our 11th and 12th grade students, it is more important to recognize that whatever a student's nominal grade, the Cauchy group is for students seeking problem solving challenges generally beyond high school mathematics. This does not necessarily mean that Cauchy is a jump start on college math. It is more to the point that Cauchy topics will frequently expand broadly on core high school level mathematics, or use these core methods in more complex problem-solving strategies, or introduce students to advanced topics that build upon the high school foundation.

Cauchy students should be proficient with algebra and high-school geometry. Most Cauchy students will be proficient as well with common precalculus topics such as trigonometry, conic sections, and basic types of series. Many Cauchy students will be active in the study of calculus and some will have completed a year or more of calculus at the high school level. Cauchy instructors will not "teach" calculus, but some may draw connections with calculus concepts from time to time.

Cauchy students tend to be very involved in mathematics competitions, so Cauchy topics are sometimes oriented toward this end.

The Cauchy class is comprised of our most advanced, mature, and responsible students. Just one or two adult volunteers are needed in this class. Besides supervision, an important responsibility of parent volunteers is to police the classroom at the end of each class session, to be sure the facilities are as clean and orderly as at the outset.

The "Cauchy Coordinator" is a particular parent volunteer who assists SDMC in these matters.