Wednesday, Feb 7, 2024


The details below are accurate, however, the AIME II exists as a "back up" to be used in case some circumstances arise to make the AIME I impossible.  At this time we are not aware of an local circumstances calling for the use of the AIME II, but if such does arise, the AIME II will be held according to the details below.

The American Invitational Mathematics Examination II (AIME II)

Date: Wednesday, Feb 7, 2024 

Location: Art of Problem Solving Academy, Carmel Valley Campus  (11455 El Camino Real Suite 150, San Diego, CA 92130

Arrive: 10:30am  (outer doors may be locked until this time.)

ENTER We will likely have a photo ID check -  school ID, passport, CA State ID, etc.

Exam: 10:45am  (beginning with rules and administrativia, follow by exam start)

END ~2:00pm

EXIT Students must exit AoPS by 2:15pm

Bring:                  #2 pencils, a quality eraser, traditional geometry tools

Parents note:  The AoPS campus is not normally open during the time of our exam.  It is possible that the outer doors may be locked while our exam is in progress, so you may not be able to enter the building for student pick up until our exam is over.


It is often the case that time is lost to confusion over the handling of backpacks and other personal items brought into the exam room that then must be turned in and picked up at the end of the exam period.  Worse, the pile of backpacks and other materials collected frequently contains a live cell phone that produces disturbance during the exam.  Please help us to avoid all this unnecessary confusion, delay, and distraction by leaving everything at home or in a car or with parents except 2-3 sharpened #2 pencils, and geometry tools.  Please do not bring anything more into the exam room, even paper.  Anything more will have to be checked in with the proctor.

Please use an "old school" #2 wooden pencil; these make the best mark on the paper.  Leads harder than #2 many not darken sufficiently, and mechanical pencils can leave incomplete (spotty) marks, or even tear the answer form.  We have experienced some scanning difficulties related to this, so please help yourself earn your best score by following this important guidance.

Details messaging will be sent directly to every family who has signed up.

Parking:  Ample free parking is available in an open public lot adjacent to AoPS Academy.

Directions:  Click through to Google Maps

The AIME is an invitation-only event, based on students' scores from the AMC 10 or 12 on either the A or the B date in November 2023.  There is no "signup" as we usually have for more open events.  AIME registration is handled by the Contest Manager directly with those students invited to participate by AMC.

Normally, the administrator of the AMC exam through which a student qualifies for the AIME will also administer the AIME for that student.  Thus, in principle, every student who qualifies for the AIME should be able to take the AIME in essentially the same fashion as the AMC 10 or 12.

Students who qualify for the AIME only based on an AMC score from SDMC's February AMC exam should take the AIME with SDMC.  Students who qualify for the AIME based an an AMC score from their school should take the AIME at their school.  Other cases generally require a Change of Venue form to be filed to transfer a student between sites.

Sometimes schools find themselves unable to provide the AIME to their students who qualify.  Such students are welcome to join the SDMC AIME administration, but AMC requires that the originating (qualifying) school contest manager complete a "Change of Venue" form documenting the transfer.  Students and contest managers in this situation should contact the SDMC Director as soon as practicable in order to satisfy AMC's expectations in the best of good faith.