Conduct and Discipline

SDMC students are fine young people; they are well-motivated, hard-working, and high-achieving young men and young women. We set high expectations for our students and they respond impressively.

It is in the best interests of all involved, however, to be explicit in stating some of the expectations underlying math circle success:

Code of Conduct

    • Treat others with respect

    • Treat facilities and property with respect

    • Comply promptly with directions from instructors and adult volunteers

    • Maintain attention on the objective of the class or activity

    • Cooperate with peers

    • Exercise good citizenship as a guest on the UCSD campus

Good Conduct Tips

    • Avoid buddy groupings

    • Avoid the back of the room

    • During class, put away homework, novels, iPods, laptops, Rubik's cubes, chess sets, calculators, etc. - except as needed for directed class activity.

    • Curtail distracting behavior during class; e.g., conversation

    • Respond to the instructor


    • Instructors are respected professionals, here to teach mathematics, not police behavior.

    • SDMC is not a school, with incremental disciplinary measures and layers of procedure.

    • SDMC does not have staff to supervise wayward students.

    • If a polite reminder is insufficient correct a student's behavior, we have little alternative but to dismiss a misbehaving student from class, perhaps permanently.

    • Adult volunteers in SDMC classrooms are agents of the Director; students are advised, and parents are advised to make clear to their students, that compliance with the direction adult volunteers is essential.

In the event that any disciplinary action needs to be taken, the judgement of the Director is final.