World Mathematics Team Championship

The World Mathematics Team Championship is normally conducted as an international competitions that rotates among various countries. For the last couple of years, however, owing to pandemic complications worldwide, the in-person, live competition has not been possible. Instead, WMTC has elected to make it's conted available for you by local entities such as SDMC for unofficial use.

Here at SDMC, we are making this content available for our families for at-home, parent-proctored use. In doing so, we ask parents to proctor their own students and follow contest guidelines so that the home experience closely follows the intended struture of the official competition. Answer forms are to be scanned and submitted as an email attachment to This will be graded and the score reported back privately. There will be no public announcement of results and no awards given, as this is an unofficial use of WMTC materials.

The 2022 WMTC administered by SDMC is NOT limited to SDMC members. This event is open to any US-based student.

Division Structure

WMTC is structured in three divisions, Advanced, Intermediate, and Junior. These divisions are defined by birthdate, not by school grade level or SDMC ability group. This is because school systems around the world organize grade levels differently, so it is difficult to sort students that way.

Junior Level Students born in or after 2010

Intermediate Level Students born in the years 2007, 2008, 2009

Advanced Level Students born in the years 2004, 2005, 2006

It is permissable for younger students to participate in a higher division, but not in the reverse. Owing to this, we at SDMC will run each division on a different day, which will allow younger students to participate in their own age-appropriate division, but also try the next-higher division if they wish. Thus, we wil stagger divisions as follows:

Junior Level November 25, Friday Junior students only

Intermediate Level November 26, Saturday Intermediate students + some Junior

Advanced Level November 27 , Sunday Advanced students + some Intermediate

For all the above reasons, when signing up for WMTC (below), we need you to provide your student's birthdate, and to indicate whether your students wishes to try the next higher division in addition to their own.

Contest Structure

WMTC combines three event types, Individual, Team, and Relay, each bearing resemblance to the similarly named events of the US ARML competition. (There is no "Power Round" in WMTC owing to the difficulty in judging full solutions in international competition.)

Individual - The individual round has two parts, a 20-minute segment with 15 fast-paced problems and a 40-minute segment of 8 more challenging problems.

Team - at the in-person WMTC, teams of six students work together to solve the team problems in 40 minutes. WMTC's method of adjusting the team round for individual administration is to select subets of the full team problem set that approximate what one team member would normally work on in the team competition. Accordingly, each of our individual students will be assigned such a subset of the team problems. Importantly, you are not free to choose your own team problems; you must solve and report answers for the problems you are assigned.

Relay - A WMTC relay consists of two interrelated problems A and B, the solution to B depending on the answer to A. Teammember A solves problem A and passes the answer to teammeber B, who then uses that answer to produce the final solution of B. In normal competition, the teammembers A and B do not see each other's problem, and only the answer to B is scored to obtain points for the team. For individual administration, the relay is adjusted so that the individual receives both problems A and B, and receives some credit for part A answers even if the part B answer is incorrect. There are three relay rounds of 10 minutes each.

Total live exam time is 130 minutes. For home administration, these rounds do not have have to be run back-to-back. The various segments may be run in any order and spread out as convenient for each family, provided that parent proctors keep the exam materials secure throughout and every segment is completed as one unitary block of time according to the rules - once a segment is started, it must be finished.

Signing up

Please use the link below to access our Google Form now being used to sign up for discrete events like WMTC. Use the drop down menu to select WTMC as your signup event and then complete the rest of the form as directed. In the field provided for Event-Specific Information, please provide your birthdate (which will determine your division) and whether you wish to try the next-higher division as well.

Follow this link to the SDMC signup form.