Through our registration process, SDMC collects personal and family information needed for internal purposes. Such purposes include, but are not limited to communications, tracking of student participation, administration of contests, processing financial contributions, coordinating joint activities with partner institutions, etc. SDMC does not divulge personally-identifiable information to any outside parties except as minimally necessary to conduct program functions.

Consent for the use of personally-identifiable information may be revoked at any time by written request (See Contacts), upon receipt of which all such information shall be deleted from SDMC records. However, since such information is needed for the management of SDMC functions and to permit the use of UCSD facilities by students, revoking consent means that the affected student must cease to participate in SDMC.

Access to the full set of registration data is limited to a few individuals with the "need to know"; these would normally be the Director, our Bookkeeper, and select leaders with specific, possibly ad hoc needs in relation to the organization of events. When some subset of this information is needed for some SDMC purpose, the appropriate information is usually extracted from the database in a redacted form so as to maximize privacy.

Occasionally, an outside party may seek the assistance of SDMC in contacting an SDMC student. SDMC does not release such contact information, but may facilitate contact by conveying an appropriate message to the parents of the student, allowing the family to exercise their own judgement whether to follow through with the requested contact.

On our website or in other media, SDMC may disclose or publish student information gathered from public sources (e.g. news media, MAA publications, competition websites). Such information is not considered to be private.

SDMC occasionally publishes competition scores to facilitate communication. Normal practice is to disclose the names and scores of students in a top bracket as part of acknowledging their achievement. Below this top bracket, scores are identified by each student's unique, private ID and not by name, in the interest of student privacy.

Photography / Videography

SDMC requires a reasonably-current headshot photo of each student that is used for internal purposes - particularly to assist in managing needs related to attendance, maintaining conduct and discipline, maintaining security over student activities (in person or online), and to support academic integrity in competition settings. These photos are not released for any public purpose, but are used to facilitate internal organizational needs.

SDMC activities sometimes involve still photography, videography, or other forms of recording that may capture images of students or record live student activity. Examples include incidental illustrations of instructional activities, commemorations of team activities such as ARML, or class recordings either of live in-person activities or of activities effected through video conferencing platforms. Such images or videos may be used in diverse ways from being shared privately to being shared under password access to being occasionally shared openly on our website or with public media. Such items are generally not intentionally focused on individual students but on illustrating SDMC activity in which the appearance of any particular student is incidental.

SDMC may occasionally originate the publication of material containing images of students or referencing students by name; for example, in news items relating to the results of competitions, or in an online photo gallery or history pages. Such publication is always intended to benefit SDMC students both collectively and individually, and especially to facilitate the recognition of high-achieving students for their accomplishments. Information that may be disclosed for such purposes may include a student's name, school and grade, and a description of the student's accomplishment. Since such recognition of accomplishment is a part of SDMC's purposes, participation in SDMC constitutes a granting of a general release for the publication of such information developed in the course of SDMC programs.