Amazon Smile

SDMC is now registered to receive donations through the Amazon Smile program. This program operates by directing a small fractions (0.5% or $1 per $200) of Amazon purchase amounts to the charities designated by the customer. Importantly, this is done without adding any cost to the customer and without assessing any cost to SDMC. This is really a way of allowing Amazon customers to direct donations from Amazon, the company, to charities of the customer's choice. SDMC is now one of those charities.

To participate, begin your Amazon shopping experience by entering through the Amazon Smile URL:

and otherwise shop as normal. Your first time doing so, you will need to search for "San Diego Math Circle" and select it as your charity of choice. On subsequent visits, SDMC should be the default beneficiary of your "smile" contributions. Or, you can short-cut using a link unique to SDMC:

Amazon Smile via SDMC

This is an easy way of directing small donations to SDMC at no cost to you, that can add up over time. :-)

It is important to remember that for any "smile" donations to be made, you must enter Amazon via the "smile" URL, not via the more standard ""; your shopping experience is the same either way so you might not notice any difference if a moment's intention is missed at the start.

As a crowd sourcing style of mechanism, the benefit received by SDMC by this method depends on the number of people engaged, so please feel free to share news of this with people in your orbit and spread the word.

Amazon Smile