Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad (BAMO)

BAMO website 

Date Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Time 10:00 AM

Location Art of Problem Solving Academy, Carmel Valley campus

BAMO is the Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad, which is now available to be joined through satellite sessions at approved sites around California.  The San Diego Math Circle is one such approved sites, in cooperation with the Art of Problem Solving Academy, who generously permits us the use of physical space; we could not do it without their help.

BAMO is structured in two divisions, BAMO-8, open to students in grade 8 and below, and BAMO-12, open to all.  The exams in each division consist of 5 questions, which are to be answered in the form of fully written solutions judged not only for accuracy (correct answer), but for the total quality of mathematical writing as well, including clarity of exposition, soundness of argument, effective use of language, as well as creativity and logic.  Each problem is worth 7 points, so the maximum score possible is 35.  Students have four (4) hours to produce final solutions.  Though students are encourage to use the full time, leaving early is permissible if the student has suitable transportation.

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This year's BAMO has only one exam date and only one exam session:

Date Wednesday, March 6, 2024

LOCATION Art of Problem Solving Academy, Carmel Valley Campus  (11455 El Camino Real Suite 150, San Diego, CA 92130 )

ARRIVE Please arrive at the exam room by 10:15AM.  (Outer doors may be locked until 10:00AM.)

ENTER We will likely have a photo ID check -  school ID, passport, CA State ID, etc.

BEGIN The exam will begin at 10:20AM; late arrivals may be seated, but will not receive extra time.

END The exam will end at 2:20pm.

EXIT Students must be clear of the exam room by 2:30pm

Bring:                  Writing implements (pens, pencils - not a scantron test), a quality eraser,  traditional Euclidean geometry tools

Don't Bring: Any calculating devices, any personal electronics, opaque water bottles, cell phones must be turned off and left with proctor.

Snacks: We are guests on the AoPS campus; very limited clean, non-messy, quiet, non-aromatic snacks may be allowed.

Parents note:  The AoPS campus is not normally open during the time of our exam.  It is possible that the outer doors may be locked while our exam is in progress, so you may not be able to enter the building for student pick up until our exam is over.


It is often the case that time is lost to confusion over the handling of backpacks and other personal items brought into the exam room that then must be turned in and picked up at the end of the exam period.  Worse, the pile of backpacks and other materials collected frequently contains a live cell phone that produces disturbance during the exam.  Please help us to avoid all this unnecessary confusion, delay, and distraction by leaving everything at home or in a car or with parents except as described above.   All that any student needs fits in a pencil case, except perhaps a snack and transparent water bottle.  Anything more will have to be checked in with the proctor.

Details messaging will be sent directly to every family who signs up.

Parking:  Ample free parking is available in an open public lot adjacent to AoPS Academy.

Directions:  Click through to Google Maps