San Diego Math Olympiad

Date: TBA

Location: TBA

The San Diego Math Olympiad is an invitation-only competition that marks the culmination of the SDMC regular season. Qualification is based solely on students' performance on the San Diego Math League exams held earlier in the season. Students previously recognized as falling in the top bracket of each division of each SDML automatically qualify. When redundancies are eliminated from these lists, a few additional students are selected for invitation. The exact numbers selected will vary from year to year and between divisions.

The San Diego Math Olympiad is a proof-styled competition. Papers are scored according to the completeness, rigor, and quality of a student's solution viewed as a whole; mere answers do not suffice, even if correct.

A few parent volunteers are needed to supervise student check-in and to proctor the exams.

The exam content is generously provided by the experts at the Art of Problem Solving, who also score and rank the overall competition. Scoring is done by AoPS off-site.