AMC 10/12 B

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Who can sign up for this event?

This event is open to SDMC member students and non-member students; however, for EVERY student, your AMC exam site is your own school unless your school does not offer your AMC exam.  [ If your school offers only a A-date exam, you may sign up for the B-date exam with SDMC.  ]  SDMC is not a free elective choice that can be used for your personal convenience.  Always check with your school first, and only submit a signup to SDMC's exam(s) after confirming that your school will not offer your exam.  This is firm policy that applies to SDMC members and non-members alike.  If after signing up for an AMC exam with SDMC you discover that your school will offer the same exam after all, you are obliged to cancel your SDMC signup and take your exam at your school.

No student is permitted to take both the AMC 10B and AMC 12B REGARDLESS of where these exams may be administered, or by whom. In particular, it is against AMC rules for any student to take one B-date exam at school and another at SDMC the same day.  Choose the exam that is most suitabl for you and take that exam only.

How to Sign Up

SDMC is instituting a new signup process this year based on a Google Form.  The parent should follow the signup link below and follow the instructions in the form.  A few overhead points:

Click here to go to the signup form.

Timing and Logistics

This year, our AMC 10B & 12B will be administered in the same auditorium, in only one session.  There are no alternate locations or alternate times.

Location: Peterson Hall, Room 110; UCSD Main Campus.  

Entry is from the SE side near the Faculty Club.

Arrive: 7:00pm Check in with photo ID and receive scantron.  

(Scantrons are preprinted with your personal information, so nothing needs to be filled in.)

Begin Exam: 7:15pm Late arrivals may be seated but will not receive extended time.

End Exam: 8:30pm Students must cooperate with the orderly collection of materials.

Exit: 8:45pm

Parking:  There is no parking available in the immediate vicinity of Peterson Hall; however the underground Scholars Parking Structue can be entered from Muir Lane and is a short walk away.  Wherever you park please escort your student to and from Peterson Hall.  Parking is not free anywhere on campus during the AMC exam period.  Parking is available in numerous lots around campus; permitting and payment can be handled using the ParkMobile phone app or paystations located in the various lots.

Maps:  Please consult the UCSD maps tool to plan your arrival:


It is often the case that time is lost to confusion over the handling of backpacks and other personal items brought into the exam room that then must be turned in and picked up at the end of the exam period.  Worse, the pile of backpacks and other materials collected inevitably contains a live cell phone that produces disturbance during the exam.  Please help us to avoid all this unnecessary confusion, delay, and distraction by leaving EVERYTHING at home or with parents except 2-3 sharpened #2 pencils, and perhaps traditional geometry tools (straightedge, compass, etc.).  

AMC officially allows: pencils, erasers, rulers, and compasses.  (SDMC supplies scrath paper, do not bring.)

AMC officially prohibits: calculators, smartwatches, phones, computing devices, protractors, and graph papers

Everything that is needed by a student during the AMC 8 can fit in a basic pencil case.  Please do not bring ANYTHING more into the exam room, even paper - we supply the paper.  Anything more than a pencil case will be required to be left OUTSIDE the exam room, including personal electronics.

Schools please note: SDMC cannot financially nor logistically support the AMC exams as alternatives to school-based administrations. We are the provider of last resort in the San Diego region for students without other practical options. We encourage all schools to provide the AMCs for their own students; costs in space and time, preparation and staffing are minor. If such costs are an issue, support usually can be found within the pool of families whose students wish to participate; it is not uncommon for families to bear the cost directly and for most of the organization to be delegated to parent volunteers - note, however, that parents of students taking an AMC exam cannot proctor that exam. SDMC is happy to advise schools and parents on how to begin offering the AMCs.