Returning Students

Students who intend to return to SDMC the next season must re-register. Re-registration involves just a few small steps since this builds upon your prior year registration activity and updates you have made throughout the year.

We need your cooperation in completing this action near the end of each school year so that we have this information over the summer as we plan for the next season.

The deadline for returning student re-registration is June 30 every year.

    1. Submit a new Liability Waiver. The Liability Waiver as revised for each season is distributed by email attachment to each member. Please print this document, complete all fields clearly and legibly (including dates at signatures). Signatures should be “live” pen and ink signatures by the hand of the indicated persons. Typed signatures, even in cursive fonts, are not acceptable. Please scan the completed Liability Waiver as a high-resolution PDF; this is a legal document that must satisfy the scrutiny of host, the University of California. Each year we have some waivers submitted as photographs, even blurred cell-phone photographs of rumpled documents on the family dining table – please help us by avoiding such inferior substitutes that must be rejected. Your high-resolution PDF should be sent as an email attachment to or . (Note: These addresses are used ONLY for the collection of documents; they are not monitored for correspondence the rest of the year.) If you cannot create a high-resolution PDF scan of your completed waiver, please send it to us by regular post and we will scan it for you: San Diego Math Circle, POB 500091, San Diego, CA 92150-0091.

    2. Update your SDMC Student Profile. The SDMC Student Profile is the main document used to contain your SDMC record. This document is tied to the “primary email address” – that of the parent already so indicated via your registration – and can be located by accessing GoogleDocs using that email address. If you requested the sharing of the Student Profile with one or more other email addresses (e.g., the student or another parent), the Student Profile should be accessible at GoogleDocs via those email addresses as well. What to update: Any relevant competition scores or other significant academic information. Changes in grade level, school, and/or ability group (you would be surprised how often these are missed). Changed email addresses, phone numbers, residential addresses, or other contact information. We frequently see outdated text entries that make the updated profile confusing. Not all updates have to do with student details; we also need updates to parent service interests and entries relating to financial contributions. Now that SDMC is an independent non-profit organization, it is increasingly helpful, for example, to have indications of employer information to help us coordinate with employer matching programs. Please review the entire Student Profile and make any needed changes.

    3. Update your headshot photo. This is not crucial, but we recommend it. Changes over a single year often are not so noticeable to students themselves or their families, but for persons who do not already know you, differences of just a year can be significant in trying to match faces and photos.

    4. Tell us when you are done. When you do, I will review your registration and “check you off” if everything is in order.

Note: Please name attachments so that they begin “LastName, FirstName ….”. We receive hundreds of documents; names like “IMG34566” or “waiver” guarantee that your document will be at least temporarily lost among hundreds of others, costing us unnecessary time and confusion. It can be particularly difficult to match photos to names when no names are provided.

Thank you!