World Education Games

This event appears to be defunct.

Dates: October 13 - 15, 2015

Location: Where ever you can

Cost: Free

The World Education Games (WEG) are a set of online academic contests taking the form of real-time, live, head-to-head challenges with opponents who may be anywhere in the world. The contests are composed of three subject threads addressed to Literacy, Mathematics, and Science. Students may paticipate in one of these components or all, provided all events are completed within the three day window period from October 13 - 15. Note that owing to the international nature of the competition, the organizers have elected to use the International Date Line as the official time reference.

Students may participate from any internet-connected location at any time within the three day contest period. Accordingly, there will be no contest sessions organized by SDMC at USCD or anywhere else.

SDMC's role in WEG is to manage registration for students participating under SDMC auspices and exercise local control over certain functional details. Students who have the opportunity to participate in WEG at their regular full-time school are expected to do so rather register with SDMC. It should be self-evident that no student is permitted to participate in WEG through two registrations; e.g., at both the student's school and at SDMC. Provided these conditions are respected, SDMC will sponsor access to WEG for any San Diego area student who needs it, whether a member of SDMC or not.

Registration for WEG is now open, which requires that we rapidly identify students who wish to participate via SDMC. It is essential that students sign up using the standard method. Please complete the following information template and mail it to (Please include World Education Games in the subject line.)

World Education Games Student Sign-up

SDMC ID Code: (if not an SDMC member, leave blank.)

Student name:

School grade:

School name:

Student email:

Parent name:

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A considerable volume of information about WEG is available through their own website here:

The information to be found there is too voluminous for us to summarize effectively, so we must refer you to the WEG website and recommend that you exercise your own diligence. Be sure to review their FAQ page, which has a lot of specific information. SDMC has no information beyond what publicly provided on the WEG website.

Disclaimer: SDMC's involvement in the World Education Games does not constitute an endorsement of 3plearning, its programs, or any related commercial enterprise.