Sunday Class Schedule

This page refers to in-person activity scheduling that is currently suspended owing to pandemic restrictions. This will be updated as in-person activities resume in the future.

Unlike our Saturday morning program which is consistently oriented toward math education with a reasonably consistent level structure, "STEM Sunday" is variable both topically and by level. Topics will vary across within the scope of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and level will vary according to the objectives of each session's particular leader.

The time frame is planned to be a bit shorter than our Saturday math program, usually to run from 1:30pm - 3:30pm. This may vary as well depending on program - some events planned for this time frame (e.g., physics competitions) may be either longer or shorter.

STEM Sunday sessions are usually in the basement of the Applied Physics and Mathematics Building (APM). The APM is locked down on weekends for security, so access requires the use of a digital keypad entry code that must be obtained in advance. Anyone receiving this code shares the responsibility for keeping it private.

At the present time there is no special registration required to participate in STEM Sunday. However, it is a firm rule that any student participating as more than a visitor must be covered by a liability waiver, and any student not so covered must be accompanied by a parent.