Electricity and Circuits

Our STEM Sunday track is "under construction" due to Covid. This particular offering probably will not happen. Please check back later.

What are these classes about?

This set of classes can be thought of as the "theory" component to complement our STEM Sunday classes on Programming Using Arduino, which can be thought of as the "experimental" component. The aim of these classes in electricity is not a deep dive into the physics of electromagnetism, but to do enough basic physics to motivate an accurate understanding of the basic electronic components students will encounter in an Arduino project. These will include

    • batteries

    • switches,

    • resistors,

    • capacitors,

    • inductors.

We will also explore the basic structure of semiconductors and how doping gives these materials useful properties leading to the transformational invention of the PN junction underlying most of modern electronics. This will afford an understanding of the essential difference between linear and nonlinear response and the difference between linear circuits and logic circuits.

Who may participate?

In view of the need for students to sustain independent focus an effort over a considerable time to make individual progress, this activity targets middle school and high school aged students. There are no math or physics prerequisites - there will be no calculus used and only very basic physics. However, participants should be in the 6th grade or higher as enrolled in school.

The design of these classes is intended to help provide support to the companion classes Programming Using Arduino; it is not required, however, that students participate both. Though the content of this series will be expected on the part of the Arduino students, students who do NOT wish to participate in the Arduino classes may still attend these classes in basic electricity.

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