Programming Using Arduino

Our STEM Sunday track is "under construction" due to Covid. This particular offering probably will not happen. Please check back later.

This series of classes can be thought of as the "experimental" component of a series for which Basic Electricity for Electronics can be thought of as the "theory" component. Essentially an introduction to robotics, the goal is to focus on small scale projects that students can understand and accomplish within a single class session.

The heart of the whole series of classes is hands-on project-based activity using prepared Arduino microprocessor kits provided by SDMC. (Depending on enrollment, SDMC may ask for small financial contributions to help cover the cost of the kits.) The projects will involve programming of the microprocessor, breadboard wiring involving sensors, actuators, switches, A/D converters, and assorted electronic components needed accomplish the project design.

Students will receive instruction on programming the microprocessors and will be guided through a whole-project view integrating analog and digital elements to accomplish a task.

These classes are planned to utilize support from the companion classes Basic Electricity for Electronics; accordingly students who wish to participate in these Arduino classes should also participate in the electricity series. In most cases, the electricity class and related Arduino class will be on consecutive Sundays, though the class pairs will be spaced out into 2019.

The series will begin in early November, but the classes will not generally be on consecutive Sundays; participating students will need to pay attention to the SDMC Master Calendar.

There are no academic prerequisites for this set of classes; e.g., no specific math, physics, or computer science prerequisites. However, participants should be in the 6th grade or higher as enrolled in school.

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